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Free Things to Do (or Low-Cost Options)

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how-to-save-moneyI’ve said it before, and this is worth repeating. . .

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have an enjoyable weekend.

And if you don’t give this idea the chance it deserves. . .

You are most likely throwing money away.

A little over the top, I know, but . . .

Here’s Why Inexpensive Weekends Are So CRITICAL

According to an article by Forbes, the average American spends $10 twice a week for lunch. That’s nearly 1K annually.

If you are going to do that during the week, then you have to make up for it somewhere.

Now ask yourself:

When’s the last time you planned an inexpensive weekend?

If you are similar to most Americans, you’ll most likely say many moons ago.

That said:

You can let your wallet come up for air and start saving for retirement, pay down debt, or save for a dream vacation.

How to Create an Entertaining Weekend on the Cheap

Before we jump right into my tips, you’ll need to ask yourself this:

Why am I doing this?

If you’re trying to spend less for whatever reason, it’s likely to get you closer to what you want to do if you visualize what you want. (It’s vitally important and I made a whole post about that to kick start your savings focus and priorities here.)

So here’s a useful tip for a low-cost weekend idea.



Renting Reclaims Money

Redbox your way to savings and get an ultimate source for movie rentals conveniently for a few dollars. Whether you’re single, coupled, or married with children, everyone can benefit from renting a movie to bring home. No rushing to get to the movies on time or overpaying for concession stand items. You pop the DVD in when you’re ready to watch (within the allotted time frame of your choosing, of course) the longer you hold on to it, the more you pay though.

Get your hands on the latest releases and catch up with all of the flicks you’ve been meaning to see. My family and I just watched Free Birds. It was a computer animated comedy about Turkeys. They took a time machine to go back before the first Thanksgiving to take turkey off of the menu and change the course of history.

It was a cute family-friendly movie. The film was at number four it’s first weekend when it debuted. I thought it was worth watching. So it passed go with me and my family. If I opted for a movie like this every weekend, I would collect two hundred dollars (more like $128 in real life). So instead of paying retail for movies that cost about 8 dollars or so a person when they first comes out, opt for rentals. they’re still new to you. Right?

So if a family of four skipped a 32 dollar outing each weekend for four weeks, you would free up 128 dollars. So if you are looking to reduce your spending and put your money towards your priorities, you should try doing the same. You must take some form of action when you are done reading this.

What do you think?

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