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Money Saving Fitness Challenge: Get Killer Abs ~ Day 6

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Tired of the same ‘ol routine? Try this week’s challenge!

What better way to start your day and get in shape than a good workout?

My advice today is don’t beat yourself up. . .


Yeah, that’s right.

Beat yourself.

What I mean is. . .

Find an exercise or physical activity that you like to do and get better at it.

Do you want to run faster? Improve your endurance? Jump shot? Or do more laps in the pool?

Track your progress for a month and see how you do. I got this idea from the Challenge Loop.

Health and Fitness: Breathe Life Back into Your Workout

I’m super excited about this because it’s not a rigid program that you’re going to dread. I like the idea of getting to pick what I want to do. It helps get me out of a workout rut and keeps me motivated. The website offers interesting exercise challenges to stay in shape, save money, and adds variety to your exercise routine.

I decided to improve on the frequency of my workouts. I want to do an ab workout at least 4 times a week.  If you’re up for one round of 9 different exercises that last about a minute each, then this might be just what you have in mind for your own challenge. It moves relatively quickly and includes Double Chop Knee Pulls (say that 12 X really fast), Torso Twist Jabs, Standing Toe Touches, and 4 Twist Knee Ups.

Of course, you always have to check with your doctor before doing any exercise. Remember you want a custom fit for what works for you. Some exercises can be harmful and you want to avoid making anything worst.

If you don’t like these exercises for whatever reason, you can use some fancy exercise lingo at your next cocktail party. ; ) I’m excited. Are you? Here goes:


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I’ll be adding the rest of my workouts on Google Plus. Get them here.