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Free Things to Do (or Low-Cost Options) ~ Free-kin’ Weekend Series

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how-to-save-moneyThis post may include affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

No, I don’t spend every weekend this way.

There. I said it.

To get to go away or do something I’ve always wanted to do, I have many low-cost or free weekends in between to allow myself to do that.

Most people won’t say that. . .

But I will.

If you’re not sure how to do this, I’ll show you one of my shortcuts to kick start your low-cost weekend fun.

But first. . .

Be Careful How You Make Plans – Here’s Why

According to NPR, people spend roughly 6 hours on the weekend doing leisure activities. That’s great. Everyone works hard, you deserve to relax and do something fun. It’s just a matter of how much you are spending in that time that can make or break your budget. Once you realize how much you can spend on the weekend and figure out  how much is it really costing you when you purchase something, it helps make a better decision about how much you can spend on the weekend.

And these ideas that make an ordinary person like me a more successful saver are the same ideas that make all kinds of people successful at saving.

So if you’ve been trying to save for something for awhile now, then you know how VITAL it is to start doing it. A well-crafted weekend plan can be the difference between a hard-won goal or an opportunity lost.

So here’s one thing I do to keep my eye on the prize and still enjoy myself during the interim. Whenever I go away, I bring back a practical gift to cherish when I get home. I use it as a reminder to stay focused so I can go away again. Nine times out of ten, the item I bring back is food-related. I still get to have some of the local flavor or a specialty item of the place I just visited . I think I’m “continuing” a little bit of my getaway back home.

Here’s what I recently did after a trip to Newport, RI. You don’t have to go away to do this. You can get something inexpensive and great in your own town. Whenever I go to Newport, I get fudge. It’s a tradition. For roughly 5 or 6 dollars you get a sampler. So after arriving back home, we still have something to look forward too. We can have a nice lunch at home and then enjoy some fudge.





















If you’re not into sweets, pick up something different. I like food-related souvenirs but if you like to read, get a book. Newport happens to have a store called “Only in Rhode Island.” The items in the store are made in Rhode Island. So wherever you live or wherever you visit, try to get something unique to the area. It’s special and it makes the weekend special too.

Sometimes there may be items you want to try but you know that your chances of going to a certain area any time soon are slim to none. Go look on Amazon and see if you can order something that you really enjoyed.

I can’t wait to try this Vidalia Onion Fig Sauce that is made in Rhode Island. What’s cool is that it’s sold here for everyone to try.

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