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Money: Have a Low-Cost Weekend for Under $10

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Here we go again.

If you want to save for a big goal you have to get your spending in alignment with your priorities.

Makes sense, right?

You might be losing out on that dream you have.

It may sound dramatic but…

Here’s Why Fun Yet Inexpensive Weekends are Vital

Before we get into the nitty gritty, you need to figure out the reason behind why you are doing this. This is essential because it will serve as a mental reminder when you get distracted by shiny objects or impulse purchases.

Julia Child once said:

You are the boss of that dough.

In an effort to get you fired up about meeting the goals that you all say are so hard to reach, I wrote this for you. Once again, I’m giving the idea of a free or low-cost weekend a turbo charge. Think of it as a double shot of espresso for your goal setting efforts. Here are 5 tips to boost your excitement without draining your wallet.


1. Carpe Chino. . . seize the coffee.

I’m sure you have heard the opposite many times over. Ditch your coffee so you can be wealthy. That’s if you drink it every day. Sometimes little treats are what makes you happy.


I’m not saying to nickel and dime your money away but make something that seems regular, extra special. Try not to buy without a discount or rewards card. I recently signed up for a Starbucks Rewards Card. I go there at least once a week. I might as well sign on.

It looks like I’ll get some freebies and discounts for all the beverage consumption I do there anyway. That’s a bit of a no-brainer for me.¬† I think of it as a treat. That’s why this works for me. I’m not dumping my purse there every day. Then it becomes ordinary. Shh . . .Don’t tell Starbucks I said that.



2. Take up drinking.


Wine is usually a good profit item for a restaurant since the markup is so high. Make wine the profit generator for your purse strings by getting it at the package store. A decent tasting wine can be purchased so inexpensively.

Some are as low as 10 dollars. Make a beverage made from fermented grapes the focal point of your weekend for less. Put away what you would have spent to actually save and not just spend less. Getting more for your money is great  but putting the savings away is even better.

If you really enjoy wine at a restaurant but don’t want to get totally hosed, check out these tips for more details. It explains pricing and markups so you don’t over pay for name brands or cheap wines.


Yes, I drink alone.

Well, not really . . .

but I’ve been going solo when it comes to beer in a different way.

I only buy one.

Sometimes when I’m out running errands, it’s nice to grab something quickly to eat. I’m not a big Whole Foods shopper but they have some special items there that I really enjoy. So from time to time when I go there, I also make sure to stop in the alcoholic beverage department. They sell single servings of beer. I but a few different brands. Hubby and I having beer googles. . . our own beer tasting for less.


3. Let the weekend run smoothly.

For healthy-conscious beverage enthusiasts, the smoothies may be the way to go. The blended beverage made from emulsified fruit goodness is most likely cheaper made at home but can be a decent weekend treat if that is less than what you are used to spending in your leisure time.

Whether you find a mainstream cafe or nearby Jamba Juice, a smoothie can be a refreshing treat and a more economical way to have fun on the weekend. If you go the hommemade route and make them at home, check out my board on Pinterest devoted to Smoothies. Be sure pair them with some Cinnabon pancakes. Yeah!


4. Soda as a treat.

I pretty much ban soda in our household but every now and again I allow it as a treat when we are out. I’m guilty of loving root beer myself. I try to keep an extra bottle on hand if someone comes over. Somehow soda is more acceptable to me if it’s in dessert form. Making root beer floats is fun, the kids like it, and I somehow think it’s okay when paired with ice cream. It doesn’t make any sense. I guess I just don’t want the family having it on a regular basis.


5. Stay in shape for less.

When it comes to staying in shape, every little bit counts. Make your low-cost activities as effective as a workout. Gardening surely burns off calories. Take up tennis as a new hobby or save $720 a year doing new yoga poses. I try to incorporate exercise whenever I can. Get a bike on Craigslist and bike every weekend to save. If you make it a routine to do activities like this every weekend, you will save money by default if it’s built right into your lifestyle. Maybe money free weekends will be your new thing. ; ) You’ll improve your financial goals and your fitness goals all in one shot. You may have to work off those lattes too.

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