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Motivation Time Tuesday: Organizing Paper Clutter to Save Money

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organizing-paper-clutterAnswer this question quickly.

Do you pay your bills on-time?

Do you know even know where they are?

I’m thinking the answer is no.

They’re probably buried in your email or lost in a stack of mail.

That’s a huge issue.


The Real Issue Revealed

Paying your bills on-time is crucial if you want to save money. You can incur late fees and pay interest just for a misstep or two with your mail. So if you’re not actively trying to  paying your bills on-time, you’re leaving money on the table.

Your money problem may really stem from a lack of organization. Maybe you’ve had a long day at work. You’re just trying to meal plan in your head (think of one edible item in the fridge) and slap together a decent meal with your family.  And then the week flies by and you realize, you missed paying a bill. Yikes! So if you’ve ever struggled to keep it all together when it comes to dealing with paper bills, mail, and other financial papers, this video is for you.

In this video, there are two simple tips to bring order to your bills:

Find the products mentioned in the video here.

After you’ve watched the video, I’d love to hear your take. Does handling paperwork  hold you back from paying on time? Be as specific as you can in the comments. It helps the readers like you benefit.

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