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12 Incredible At-Home Ideas for Bucket List Enjoyment

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You might be fantasizing about future bucket list ideas for travel or reminiscing about past trips.

That’s understandable . . .

But there’s still plenty of ideas for bucket list enjoyment at home.

If your travel plans are on hold or you’re stuck at home for any reason, make the most of the situation.

Don’t miss out. Follow the suggestions below so you can enjoy every bit of your spare time.

12 Amazing Ideas for Bucket List Things to Do at Home

1. Put “making string art” down as one of your bucket list items

Who doesn’t like to receive a handmade gift? My daughter gave us a special present she made for Christmas one year.

She bought a plain wooden plaque and used nails to form the states where my husband and I were born. Make one of your own state, places you’ve visited or even places you would like to visit in the future.

Find out what nails to use for string art, what wood is best and what other supplies are needed. Here’s a string art tutorial to point you in the right direction.

nail-string-art-example nail-string-art-tutorial

2. Trying temporary tattoos can go down as one of the most ultimate bucket list ideas ever

If you like the look of a tattoo, but don’t want to fully commit to a permanent one for whatever reason, some websites allow you to customize your own design or choose from a vast array of  pre-made ones.

Flaunt your style and express yourself with a temporary tattoo. Get something you’ve had your heart set on for a while or try out the latest trends.

Get matching ones with a friend or your significant other. I think this is one of the best bucket list ideas for couples! Depending on the type of temporary tattoo you’re looking for, they can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. 

matching tattoos for couples

There are stick-on tattoos that usually last 3-7 days. These are popular with little kids and great for birthday parties, special events and great for boredom busters.

There are other types of temporary tattoos that last a little longer and resemble permanent tattoos. Many people use henna. Henna tattoos are known to last anywhere from 2-4 weeks.

Get an eye-catching tattoo or something subtle to add a little fun to everyday life. Outside of experimenting with them at home, you can use them down the road for team events, special occasions. Buy them individually or in a pack.          

3. Add a cleanse for energy or smoothie recipes to a list of simple bucket list ideas

As a former National Syndicated Writer, I have written many articles about smart spending. Getting the most out of your groceries was one of my favorite topics at the time.

I’m one of those people that would make banana bread out of extra bananas or I’d put them in the blender to make a smoothie before they expired. Though I love purchasing every type of smoothie under the sun, making smoothies at home can be more economical and fun.

simple bucket list ideas

I was fortunate enough to do a TV segment about a cleanse for energy where I showed people how to make a special smoothie. Fruit smoothies are a fan favorite.

All types of berries such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries can go into a smoothie as well as apples, bananas, pineapples, peaches and more. Experiment to determine what are the best things to put into a smoothie.

It’s a good way to consume fruit, though you won’t get the benefits of eating fiber. Try different recipes and learn the steps to making a smoothie.

Here are some smoothie ideas to try:

4.  Be a super fan on social media

Though you don’t want to embarrass yourself or come off like a stalker, commenting sporadically on social media profiles of people you admire is fun.

fun things to do

I love all types of concerts from different time periods and after seeing Diana Ross, I commented on one of her tweets. I never expected that she would like it.

That was thrilling! Comment on social media as one of your ideas for bucket list enjoyment.

5. Find Star Wars Activities to Do at Home

I’ve always been a casual Star Wars fan. I even wore a C3P0 costume for Halloween as a kid. Since my husband and daughter are big fans, we had to go to Hollywood Studios to see their Star Wars attraction in Orlando, FL when it first opened.

star wars activities to do at home

I never thought taking a photo with Chewbacca would ever be a bucket list item, but the joy level was off the charts. In my opinion, it was the equivalent of meeting Santa Claus as child.

I thought it was completely worth it. We cannot wait to do this with our kids again one day. It’s a must-see for sci-fi bucket list travelers! 

If you’ve never been to the park or can’t go any time soon, store the thought as one of your ideas for bucket list travel or put it down as one of your future summer bucket list ideas. It’s a great time to research, plan and store the information for a future trip. In the meantime, you can still enjoy Star Wars-related activities at home.

Also be sure to check out StarWars.com to find a slew of activities online for Star Wars Nerds! Take quizzes and polls, learn about science-related topics such as artificial intelligence, light sabers and more.

star wars activities to do at home

The site even has Star Wars printable activities, coloring pages and videos that show you how to draw different characters like the AT-AT, The Child and more.

Also, explore their craft ideas, videos, games for kids of all ages (“younglings” to middle school age and beyond). I think many of these Star Wars activities can be enjoyable for adults too.

Get a head start on birthday gifts, holiday shopping or “just for fun” purchases to keep everyone productive while earning cash back. Sign up and do some early holiday shopping. This site has Mandalorian action figures, games and even an R2D2 popcorn popper.


star wars puzzle
Once you sign up for the cash back app here, type Star Wars into the search bar and scroll down a bit, you can even get this awesome puzzle.


6. Try Harry Potter Butter Beer as an at-home bucket list idea

Whether you’ve been able to visit the park before or not at Universal Studios, fans can bring a little bit of Harry Potter’s wizarding world to the kitchen. Try making Butter Beer or even Butter Beer Cupcakes at home.

7. Pick one type of food as a theme for your local bucket list adventures

I’ve talked about trying different ice cream in your local area, but why not expand it to anything you like to eat?Search for the best seafood, tacos, chicken quesadillas, mac and cheese, avocado toast, fried chicken, bbq, pizza, etc. 

local bucket list adventures

8. Try different types of international cuisine for simple bucket list ideas

Get all types of ideas for bucket list cuisine you’d like to try. Order takeout where you can get authentic dishes from different countries.

Try Greek cuisine, Thai food, the best Italian dishes, authentic Mexican, Ethiopian food and more. Your taste buds can send out a search party for the best places around town.

simple bucket list ideas

9. Try ideas for bucket list adventures at local restaurants that have bragging rights

In my last post, I mentioned how Frank Sinatra used to frequent a popular restaurant in my state. How many people can say that?

When my husband and I drove by a hot dog place called Rawley’s that was seen on The Martha Stewart Show, The Food Network and The View, we immediately jotted it down! We decided it officially qualifies as a bucket list item for our bellies.

local restaurant ideas for bucket list


10. Put up art work from places you visited, want to visit or make art work like you favorite artist

When I went to Puerto Rico I fell in love with all of the vibrant colors of the buildings. When I returned from my trip, I wanted to repaint every room to capture that vibe. I was renting at the time so that didn’t happen, but I put up decorative artwork to infuse a splashes of color.

Do the same thing in your home by purchasing art work that represents a place you visited or want to visit. You can even order replicate art work of your favorite artists.  

artsy ideas for bucket list
Art by Andy Warhol of Marilyn Monroe during the Pop Art Movement.

My kids had art assignments where they had to mimic the style of their favorite artists. My younger daughter was inspired by the look of spirals in Gustav Klimt’s work in the photo below on the left.

My older daughter echoed Andy Warhol’s style from the pop art movement and made multiple paintings of the same image in different colors. It’s a fun and meaningful way to add a personal touch to a room.

creative ideas for bucket list creative ideas for bucket list

11. Expand your bucket definition to more of a dream list concept

I’m embarrassed to say I finally got around to reading 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think by Author Laura Vanderkam. In this book, she highlights the idea of making a list of 100 dreams. 

Maybe call it something like “Bucket List: 100 Dream Ideas” or as the author suggest “My List of 100 Dreams.” Start writing down all of you bucket list accomplishments along with a variety of bucket list things to do in the future.

dream list ideas


I touch upon why it’s important to reminisce and use other strategies to maximize happy feelings before during and after a special bucket list experience in my own book here

She recommends writing down the dreams you’ve already accomplished. I think that’s a great place to start because it will make you realize how much you’ve done and can fuel you to set new dreams for the future

12. Get creative with bucket list ideas for 2020 and give classic games a modern twist

 Try playing games with friends and family members virtually. Try Charades, Pictionary, Simon Says or a unique type of  Virtual Bingo.

at-home game ideas for bucket list fun


Though travel may still rank supreme on your list of bucket list things to do, it can’t hurt to try out these at-home ideas for bucket list enjoyment. Use the suggestions mentioned as a guide and you’ll have many interesting things to do at the ready. No matter your age, it’s also good practice at finding wonder in every single thing! 

What are your ultimate bucket list ideas? Do you have any unique or unusual bucket list ideas? Have you come with any last minute bucket list ideas for summer?

Let me know in the comments below.

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