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Dollar Store Organization Ideas For Wannabe Neat Freaks

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I’ve been on an organization kick.

Recently, I watched a video about inexpensive organization . . . and IT ROCKED!

Alejandra Costello, who was recently named one of the most organized people in the nation by HGTV and has a ton of videos on the topic.

What I liked most about her is that she’s an “out of sight, out of mind” person like me a.k.a. someone who needs things in front of them as a visual reminder in order to complete tasks. She gives excellent tips that are extremely USEFUL.

Steps to Quickly Organize and Maybe Become a Neat Freak
I didn’t have any plans to organize when I watched this video but when I saw somethingĀ  so simple and inexpensive that works well, I took ACTION right away .

Here’s her video about organizing on a budget with items from the dollar store:

Did you like it?

Here’s what I did after watching the video:

1. I picked an area and assessed what I had. I got an idea of what I needed to buy. I checked out the size of the area and the size of the items I wanted to contain.

2. I headed to my favorite dollar stores to see what was available. Ikea has some nice containers too.

3. I then put like items together, labeled them and had an organized linen closet in minutes.


After you view this, there are two action stepsĀ  I want you to take.

Action Step 1



Action Step 2


Leave a comment below with what you plan to do. Then share it with your friends.

Wondering why?

Two reasons

1 You are more likely to accomplish something if it’s written.

2 You can share the post and comment with friends so they keep you on task. You may even get an organizing buddy out of the deal.


The Bottom Line

Organizing can be daunting. Start with something small and watch videos for inspiration. You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to get things in order. Just take action.

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