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Save Money with Good Party Themes

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Wine labels with song titles, Calling All Angels and Drops of Jupiter were a perfect pairing with Train singing those songs at the Food Network’s Wine and Food Festival in NYC, October 14, 2012.



If you think, “I’ll never be able to afford a big party,” consider this:

You may have to land an inexpensive place to have it, create delicious dishes for

less, come up with a creative theme, and have people BYOB. It doesn’t matter much.

Planning and a little bit of creativity will help. And if you want to get the party

you desire, here’s how to nail it.

Save Money with Good Party Themes: Inspiration from the Train Concert in NYC


1. Be on Team Theme.

The group Train was in concert at the Food Network Wine and Food Festival with a variety of food trucks. Drinking wines named after their songs Drops of Jupiter Red and Calling All Angels Chardonnay made the event that much more enjoyable. I believe it built excitement for the concert as well. Whenever I’ve thrown parties, I find that people get a kick out of the little details like that.  If you’re stuck for ideas, check out Evite.com where suggestions for decorations, attire, activities, food, and drink abound.

Money Saving Take Aways:

  • Pick a theme and find a simple, inexpensive way to tie it into the details.
  • Consider serving wine or one beverage to cut back on the cost of alcohol.
  • Have a wine tasting and have each guest or couple bring a bottle.

I videotaped the song Drops of Jupiter. I quickly learned I couldn’t dance and record at the same time.

2.  Small is the new big.

I’m always amazed when people have to serve food for large crowds. If you have a bunch of people at your gathering, consider serving miniature versions. Smaller portions are trendy in food right now. Whether it’s cupcakes, sandwiches, tacos, sliders, or nachos individualized, mini servings are in. Presentation is important when downsizing the portion from serving size to bite-size.

Money Saving Take Aways:

  • Mini servings don’t mean you have to scrimp on food.
  • Pick items you can serve in smaller servings. People can always go back for more.
  • Check this  party budget estimator so you can enjoy planning without overspending. It’s useful for suggestions and tips on what items will fit your budget.
Andrew Zimmern’s AZ Canteen was serving mini butter burgers. The Milk Truck served baked Mac & Cheese


3. Think Extraordinary.

The food trucks selected were picked for a reason. Many of them knew how to make the ordinary, extraordinary. KIND Healthy snacks paired their apple cinnamon pecan bar with Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar on a tiny square, black dish. The combination was delicious and the presentation was interesting. Another example was the baked mac and cheese with applewood smoked ham.  The three cheese combination topped with rosemary bread crumbs toasted blowtorch-style made this every day meal unique and tasty.

Money Saving Take Away:

  • Pick something simple and affordable but put a twist on it  to make it special.


And now I ask you, while it’s fresh on your mind. . .

Do you have a favorite money-saving tip when throwing a party?


I’d love for you to share your idea, while also telling me about your party throwing experiences.


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2 responses to “Save Money with Good Party Themes

  1. My favorite party planning tip is also to serve mini portions. For one, I’ve found that people are more likely to socialize when standing or sitting with a small napkin or plate of something tasty than an entire meal sized portion. Let’s be honest it can be awkward chowing down on a big meal and trying to get to know new people at the same time. I’ve also found that just because I am serving finger food or cocktail sized bits, it doesn’t mean I can’t serve something people consider dinner. (Ratatouille and polenta can be turned into a small bite just by using mini cupcake tins to shape out pretty polenta cakes and spooning a small serving of ratatouille on top!)

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