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Heading to Pinella County? Then creating a St Petersburg, Florida bucket list is a must. Listen in on fun things to do, including jet skiing, parasailing, skydiving and other exciting outdoor things to do. Also, find out about visiting parks, neighborhoods, less touristy restaurants and museums, including one that contains the largest collection of Salvador Dali’s artwork. Also, hear about some historical tidbits about the area.

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Today’s Everyday Bucket List Guest

I’m happy to welcome Bob Brumm to the Everyday Bucket List Podcast!

St. Petersburg Florida Bucket List
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Bob Brumm of BobBrummSpeaks.com

Bob Brumm is a professional award-winning Speaker, Author &
Encouragement Engineer & Podcaster serving corporate, collegiate, sales, youth organizations and individuals with encouraging keynotes or workshop presentations. He guides audiences to achieve personal and professional growth with positive encouragement and action plans that combat the negativity that inundates our daily lives.

What You’ll Learn About St. Petersburg, Florida (Pinella County)

  • Discover what St. Petersburg is known for, including St. Pete Beach
  • Find out about places to stay and St. Petersburg Florida hotels on the beach (or nearby)
  • Get suggestions for St. Petersburg museums including one devoted to Dali
  • Get the details about great restaurants outside of the touristy spots

Resources for St Petersburg, Florida (Pinella County)

  • St. Pete’s Beach– Take a peek at the website and you can surely figure out the best time to visit
  • The Dali Museum – Outside of having the largest amount of Dali’s work, they retrofitted it about 10 years ago and people say it is amazing. It’s also right on the water.
  • Mahaffey Theater – You can catch all types of shows such as comedy, musical concerts and more.
  • Flight History Museum – Check out exhibits to get up close and personal with Aviation History. Also, check out events like Happy Hour with a Historian. Learn interesting info while having a drink.

Hotel Recommendations

Postcard Inn – There’s a lot of hotels along the beach if that’s where you’re hoping to stay. It has a more casual atmosphere and has a surfer beach vibe throughout the hotel. The rooms also have surfboards as part of the decoration.

Don Cesar – It’s also a great historical building on the beach. They offer a brunch with a huge buffet. Definitely take your appetite because there’s a lot of different types of food there.

Here are some other hotels to choose from.

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