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Here's One of My Secret Tricks to Save Money with Online Shopping

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You’re already getting some deals

online, but you’re not getting as

many as you like. You may think

you’re missing out on bargains

but don’t give up yet. Your email may

be to BLAME. It’s so overstuffed

that you don’t even find the offers you

may have signed up for. No matter the reason. Here’s a surefire way to save on the brands you like.

I have heard many times on television that if you want deals from your favorite stores, “just search for a promo code”. I don’t know if it’s just me but all of the coupon stars are never in alignment when I try to do that. People tell me that you can easily go on right before you shop and get one. I have never been able to find a promo for the store I want when I need it.  I almost considered pushing the “I’m feeling lucky button” option that Google offers as a joke. That’s like telling someone at Halloween that you want a trick instead of a treat.  I also unsubscribed to many of the offers through email because I am tired of cleaning out my email. Anyway, I stumbled upon this website through Twitter when I was creating my last post about saving money with Twitter (when I wasn’t actually looking for myself) . Here’s the website and then I’ll explain how to use it.

Here’s one of my secret tricks to save money in 3 easy steps.



1. Go to the website Shopaneer.com.




2. Simply type in your favorite store and press enter.

I used the Gap as an example. It will show you the search results.

Once you click on the hyperlink, you will see a list of promotions.

save money with shopaneer





3. I clicked the word “Gap” in blue (above).

This was the next screen (below). You just have to click which promotion you want. Also, be sure to check when the promotion expires.








Once you select the promotion you want to redeem, then click the “click to redeem” link.







I was brought to the Gap website. I use to subscribe to Gap but I rather search when I am looking for a promotion versus having the offers clog up my email. I also don’t get tempted to buy when I check my email especially at a time when I’m not suppose to be shopping. I’ve learned to outsmart my spending triggers by changing my routine. So Shopaneer.com is there when you are looking to shop.









Now I want to ask you, do you have a favorite website for great deals?

Share with me in the comments below.

2 responses to “Here's One of My Secret Tricks to Save Money with Online Shopping

  1. I’m just partial to the cash back sites. They usually have coupons. Other times, there are coupons that I get sent — I try to keep my inbox relatively organized — that are better. But just in case the two work together I still click through a cash back site.

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