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How to Save 720 Dollars a Year Doing 10 Minute Yoga Poses ~ Day 4

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I’m not a doctor. . .

Nor do I play one on TV.

But one thing I can say is restorative yoga really worked for me.

One of the reasons I slacked off with working out is because I would get a subtle backache afterwards.

Normally, I would just endure it and then take a break from exercise.

Yoga Poses That Will Make You Want to Jump for Joy

I can’t believe the stretches in the last challenge restored me back to normal. Of course, you always have to check with your doctor before doing any exercise. Remember you want a custom fit for what works for you. According to WebMD, some exercises can be harmful and you want to avoid making anything worst.

Cats stretch on a regular basis. We should too.

Today I have two videos for you. They are both office-friendly exercises that you can do right at your desk. You need a chair for both of them.
(Yay! I get to sit. Shh.) The first one involves back care. The second one includes stretches for neck strain.

Today I stuck with Rodney Yee again because I think of him as my brand and my imaginary yoga buddy. I also realized that some of the cardio exercises that make you jump around were aggravating my lower back. I just did these two exercises that probably took me roughly ten minutes to complete before getting to work. I still plan on doing some form of exercise later that is back-friendly to get in a “solid” workout.

I choose to do this over going to a gym or class. A) I don’t want to. B) It’s time consuming C) Those setting don’t motivate me. Prices for classes range but after looking online, I notice that some single classes cost $15 per week. That’s roughly 60 dollars a month which adds up to $720 a year.  I hate chiropractors so I won’t go to them. Obviously if you need that, it’s a different story. I’m sure physical therapists could do the same thing. Some of them are worth it in my book but luckily I don’t need one.

Here’s the video that I used before when I had lower back pain. I believe it is a shorter version on Youtube then the actual DVD. It’s more of a snippet I suppose. It’s been awhile since I’ve done the actual DVD so I don’t remember. Cut me some slack. It’s only January. Geez. ; ) Enjoy!

Here is another video with Rodney Yee. These exercises help with neck strain. I don’t know about you but I spend a great deal of time on the computer and my neck and shoulders tend to hurt. Once again, I felt better right after doing this but always check with your doctor. This stretch is also designed for you to do at work.

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I’ll be adding the rest of my  workouts on Google Plus. Get them here.

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The Bottom Line

Yoga is a system of exercises for physical and mental well being. If you experience back pain or neck strain, you can do certain exercises to alleviate pain. Ten minutes stretches could be all you need to feel better. Watching free videos on Youtube is a cost-effective way to squeeze in some exercise.

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