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25 Tips for Free or Inexpensive Things to Do Before Summer Ends

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end-of-summerBy now. . . you may have had your share of beach visits, ice cream cones, and other forms of carefree summer fun.

Or maybe not?

If you live for wearing flip flops from the first day of summer solstice to the autumnal equinox and like to squeeze ever last bit of enjoyment out of the warmest season of the year, then this post is for you.

These useful tips can keep your cash where it belongs– in your pocket or piggy bank. It will also allow you to fit in a few more enjoyable activities or just kill time for less money. Don’t miss out.

Get 25 Tips for Things to Do Before Summer Ends

1. See a movie at a drive-in or show one in your backyard. [Geek Sugar]

2. Record the sound of the ocean waves on your phone. (I did this at Laguna Beach this summer.)

Short clip . . .

3. Buy ice cream from an ice cream truck.

4. Make an ice cream sundae station at home fully stocked with gummy bears, sprinkles, whip cream, your favorite ice cream, and spoons.

5. Bring your beach chair close to the water and let your feet get wet.

6. Take your family holiday photo in the summer.

7. Try to recreate famous photographs.

8. Buy flip flops at the end of summer to use for this season, next year, or for a future vacation (wishful thinking).

9. Attend a free outdoor concert.

10. Teach yourself to play tennis by watching YouTube videos.

11. Read 50 free or nearly free things to do this summer before it’s over. [The Centsible Life]

12. Have a money free weekend. Here are 100 things to do without spending money. [The Simple Dollar]

13. Download a pdf with inexpensive things to do as a family before summer ends. [All Pro Dad]

14. Track and achieve your life goals on bucketlist. [Bucketlist.org]

15. Look for free or inexpensive bucket list ideas there too.

16. Find mentors to get free advice in order to achieve desired goals.

17. Get a 52 week game plan for winning with your money while on the beach. [Hull Financial Planning]

18. Always look into museum days in the summer when someone else is paying. [Free From Broke]

19. Step outside of your comfort zone or just your town line. Look for free activities in neighboring towns.

20. Call or Skype someone you haven’t talked to in a long time. (Yes, talk. No texting. Really appreciate the sound of someone’s voice!)

21. Try 15 creative activities for kids (or adults) that involve food.

22. Make your own tour. Scout out area lighthouses, beaches, seafood joints, baseball stadiums, etc. You’re in charge of the itinerary.

23. Make friends with someone who has a pool.

24. If you have a pool, invite someone over.

25. Start planning for next summer (and choose experiences over stuff in general.)


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