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Home Maintenance Challenge Week 2: Weeds /Indoor Clutter

Follow me on Pinterest here. Are you looking to maintain your home on the inside and out? Well, you’re in the right place. I started a home maintenance challenge. Each week I will provide sample tasks to work on. I will base our challenge on checklists and recommendations from websites that showcase experts. Many people

Clutter: How I Hit the Declutter Jackpot and Saved 30 Dollars

Are you trying to organize your home but you feel as if you’re not getting anywhere? Perhaps you are slowly getting rid of stuff but you don’t seem to be making any progress. Slow and steady style may not be working for you but there’s hope. If you are looking to get your house cleaner

How to Get a Clutter-Free Home for Super Busy People

Follow me on Pinterest here. When I went back to work full-time, I had to streamline my cleaning routine. I found that I couldn’t stay on top of my cluttered house and would often waste money buying duplicates of items I already had. Instead of setting up big blocks of time, I decided to squeeze

Adventures in Having a Clutter Free Home

Are you tired of not being able to find what you need? A house can be hard to manage. Don’t get too discouraged. Getting rid of a little bit each day can help. Don’t miss how quickly you can find items to ditch. You’ll get a more tidy house that you deserve.

Clutter-Free Home: Clean Up for Less with the Mini-Basket Method

Do you find clutter throughout your home? You allow your family to hang out in another room and they sometimes forget to put items away. If you have kids, it makes it difficult to keep your house tidy and they often lose  toys or technology gadgets they didn’t put away. Do you want to clean

How to Clean Mirrors in Minutes for Pennies

Follow me on Pinterest here. The benefits of cleaning are clear: Your house is a pleasant place to be You’re able to find items when you need them You can actually have company over without having to scramble It can also save you money I’ve been a part of a cleaning challenge that has really

Cleaning Games: How to Clean Picture Windows

Follow me on Pinterest here. You’ve already started spring cleaning, but your house isn’t as clean as you want. You may think you don’t have the time or energy, but don’t get too disappointed yet. . . Actually overexerting yourself may be to BLAME! There are simple steps to keeping you’re house clean without having

Cleaning Games: Declutter in Minutes with this Trick

Is cleaning a chore? Did you know your decorating decisions can directly affect how much you spend cleaning? That’s why I choose items that require less maintenance because I’m always waiting for the cleaning fairy to take over my duties but she never comes. I realized this when I did my bathroom floor over. It

Cleaning Games: Vacuuming Confetti

Spring is in the air. Bust out the feather dusters, paper towels, cleaning supplies, and the vacuum. Still not motivated? I have to talk myself into cleaning myself. I find it hard to so when the house easily gets messed up again. I also find that it helps if you get a buddy. According to