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How to Save Money with Twitter: 10 Outstanding Tips

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10 Best Tips to Save Money with Twitter
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If you’re not saving money on Twitter, you’re making a huge MISTAKE!

In the past, when I was only on Facebook , I use to wonder why I would ever be on Twitter?

I thought it was just for teenagers. I realized I could not only be social but I could save money at the same time. Who knew you could kill two birds with one stone in a single tweet.

I’m kicking myself for not doing this sooner. That’s why I want to share these ten tips with you to show you why saving money on Twitter is VITAL.¬† Here’s how to begin.

Here are 10 Outstanding Tips to Save Money with Twitter

1. Search Exact Terms on Twitter.

One way to save money on Twitter is to type in “save money” into the Twitter search. Be sure to put the words in quotes so the search keeps those two words together for more exact results.











2. Search Twitter Handles Under Exact Search Terms too.

Another option is to peek at the profiles that drop down under those terms. Those handles could be worth looking into to keep your cash.


3. Check the Top 25 Twitter Accounts That Will Save You Money.

4. Read 5 Ways to Save Money on Twitter (Mashable).

5. See How Hashtags Can Save You Money When You Shop.

6. Follow Deal Finders, Follow Your Favorite Companies and Search Money-Saving Hashtags.

7. Follow updates, news, and contests  @SmartyPig.

If you are really looking to put the savings towards a goal, consider following @SmartyPig. It is a free online bank that helps you save for a specific goal. Once you have reached your goal, you can redeem the money and get up to 11% cash back in savings with gift cards from various retailers. You can pick multiple cards with different denominations. You can also receive a cash rewards card or an electronic transfer. I think this is smart for those who really need to keep a specific goal separate from their regular bank.

smarty-pig-save-money-using social-media
When you redeem your cash for a gift card, the drop down menu shows the different retailers and the percentage of cash back they give you.









8. See How Twitter Can Save You Money on Airline Tickets.

9. Follow people that tweet deals and giveaways.



Financial Coach and host of #MoneyChat on Twitter, Dorethia Conner¬† explains, “I love @FreeIsMyLife. She always has great deals and giveaways. I am also able to watch tweets for free restaurant grand openings, special promotions, etc. I love Twitter for saving because it is a way to get information quickly without having to jump through a bunch of hoops. I’ve won book contests on Twitter too.”



10. Look for discount codes and coupons.

How to Save Money with Social Media

Ginger from GirlsJustWannaHaveFunds.com explains “I usually do a search for the company + discount or coupon to get search results which are tweets about the discount code needed. This way I
see that others have used the discount recently and score savings on the product.”




Here are other ways to save money with social media.


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