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How to Make a Coffee Lovers Gift (Burr) Basket!

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How do you make a gifted coffee basket? What do you put in a coffee lovers gift basket? If these questions are swirling around your head, you’re not alone. If you’re trying to figure out what is the best gift for a coffee lover, today is your lucky day.

There are many coffee gifts you can buy that would make the person jump for joy such as a coffee gift box, coffee gift set, etc. However, if you want to give something a little more special, I suggest putting together a coffee lovers gift basket.

I plan to help you in three ways with this post. I’ll answer your questions. Also, I’ll help you learn more about what are good gift basket ideas. And, additionally, I’ll share how to make a DIY coffee gift basket and what to get someone who loves Starbucks. Check out my guide below.

Coffee Lovers Gift Basket Guide

When it comes to putting together little presents and coffee for gift baskets, we can look for almost any reason to give it as a gift. This is why I put together some of the best coffee gift baskets that will surely work for almost any occasion.

If you’ve never made a coffee lovers gift basket before, let’s start at the beginning.

How do you make a gifted coffee basket?

To make a gifted coffee basket, start by picking out the coffee and keep these three things in mind when choosing. First, think about whether the recipient drinks caffeinated coffee or decaf. Then, do a little digging to see if they like ground coffee, or would they prefer to grind the beans themselves. Next, consider the type of roast that the person might like. Once you have those three bases covered, select a coffee.

Coffee for Gift Baskets

I looked all over Amazon to find great bags of coffee at a good value. Here are caffeinated and decaffeinated ground coffees along and whole bean coffees with a variety of roasts. I even hunted down all of the above for the person on your list that loves Starbucks coffee.

Caffeinated Ground Coffee

Starbucks Ground Coffee

Caffeinated Coffee Beans

Starbucks Whole Bean Coffee

Decaf Ground Coffee

Starbucks Decaf Ground Coffee

Decaf Coffee Beans

Starbucks Decaf Coffee Beans

Once you choose the coffee, the most important part is done.

What do you put in a coffee lovers gift basket?

Though you can readily assemble random gifts, I recommend selecting items that go together in some way. Thoughtfully assemble something simple such as other drinks they might like or gifts focused on relaxation. This leads us to our first step below.

First, choose a theme.

After selecting the coffee, decide what direction to go in with the other items. For instance, there are gourmet coffee gift baskets, specialty coffee gift baskets, coffee and chocolate gift baskets, etc. Use your imagination. The sky’s the limit.

Then decide what items to put in a coffee gift basket along with the coffee.

I highlight a coffee-themed basket, a farmhouse-themed one and one that focuses on Starbucks lovers.

Coffee Lovers Gift Basket Idea #1: List of coffee-themed gifts:

  • Gift card to their favorite coffee shop
  • Small canisters for coffee, sugar, etc.
  • Coasters

Coffee Lovers Gift Basket Idea #2 Starbucks Coffee Gift Baskets

If you’re wondering what to get someone who loves Starbucks, many of the best gifts for coffee lovers are on Amazon.

My teenage daughter is a college student, so getting her something like this serves as a great coffee break gift basket in between classes. Luckily, I found a cup you can personalize for her upcoming birthday. I pulled together some of my other favorites items to put in a coffee gift basket here.

Farmhouse Themed Gift Basket

The farmhouse theme is very popular. Consider getting some nice hand towels, a table top plague, canisters and other items to put inside the coffee gift basket

Farmhouse Themed Kitchen Hand Towels Set of 4 – Currently 12.99 with free shipping

Small Wooden Coffee Sign Currently $13.99

Items Under $10

Miniature Pine Wood Tabletop Plague Currently $6.95

Vinyl Stickers for Canisters Currently $5.99

Cork Square Coasters Set of 4 Currently $5.00

Then you add in other items that you know the recipient will enjoy.

Think about the types of hobbies or interests they have. If the person likes to travel or is outdoorsy, maybe add in some of these top gifts under $30.

Or, combine the items with some of these gift of time ideas. This allows the person to have an experience gift along with some physical gifts. If you’re still not sure, I highlight 5 coffee gift baskets here, but don’t overthink it.

Get a basket to put all of the items in.

Most stores such as Michael’s or other craft shops will carry baskets. Check dollar stores like Dollar Tree too. You might be able to get a decent one for less there. Dollar Tree also has all types of containers in a vast array of vibrant colors.

Once the basket is full, attach a bow or ribbon with a card on top and your good to go.

Conclusion for DIY Coffee Gift Baskets

In brief, figuring out what are good things to put in a gift basket or how to make a homemade gift basket with coffee doesn’t have to be hard. Use the ideas above and let the person’s preferences and your budget dictate what you choose.

This was originally posted in July of 2019. It has since been updated.

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