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Is Providence, Rhode Island worth visiting? In this Everyday Bucket List Podcast session, my husband and I discuss why we love it. Get a wealth of ideas for restaurants, riverboat rides, street art & more. We also discuss what Providence, Rhode Island is known for, things to do near the colleges and universities, and other areas like Downtown Providence. Think of it as your mini Providence, Rhode Island visitor’s guide.

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Today’s Everyday Bucket List Guest

I’m happy to welcome yours truly and my husband back to the Everyday Bucket List Podcast!

providence rhode island visit

Karen Cordaway of KarenCordaway.com

What You’ll Learn About a Providence, Rhode Island Visit

  • Discover what Providence, Rhode Island is known for
  • Though it’s a small state, I explain why it’s worth visiting Providence, Rhode Island
  • Get a variety of suggestions for Providence, Rhode Island restaurants
  • Find a variety of things to do near the colleges and universities
  • Additional Bonus Information answering:
    • Is it worth going to Providence?
    • What is special about Providence?
    • Is Providence a fun town?

Resources for a Providence, Rhode Island Visit

I highlighted some of the ideas mentioned during the show, but it barely scratches the surface of what you can do there so I included other ideas to give you more resources to choose from.

Downtown Providence Things to Do

WaterFire – This is a big deal. Every year they have multiple events scheduled on different evenings. There are lightings along the river. Think mini bonfire with entertainment stretched across the river to light up the night. Sit on the steps near the River walk or watch from nearby restaurants.

Providence River Boat Company – Take a ride on a river boat and learn historical tidbits about the area, Roger Williams, different buildings and more while cruising along the river.

Street Art Murals – There is street art throughout the city. I noticed a few of the murals downtown while walking and could also view them from the river boat. There are two murals close to each other highlighting Native American heritage in a prominent location. Take a look at a map and walk around informally to see all of the street art.

Roger Williams National Memorial – Check out exhibits to get up close and personal with Aviation History. Also, check out events like Happy Hour with a Historian. Learn interesting info while having a drink.

Rhode Island State House – Check out exhibits to get up close and personal with Aviation History. Also, check out events like Happy Hour with a Historian. Learn interesting info while having a drink.

Historical Tours (Self-guided) – Check out exhibits to get up close and personal with Aviation History. Also, check out events like Happy Hour with a Historian. Learn interesting info while having a drink.

Things to Do Near Providence Rhode Island Colleges and Universities (Brown and RISD)

Thayer Street – Find a variety of restaurants along this street, including familiar favorites like Chipotle, Pokeworks, Starbucks and Shake Shack as well as seafood and ethnic cuisine. There’s an inexpensive parking lot close by too.

Avon Cinema – This historic little cinema had been around since the 1930s and is located on Thayer St. It makes it easy to grab dinner and a movie if you are into foreign and independent films.

Benefit Street – If you love architecture and the look of Colonial homes, Benefit St. showcases original Colonial homes in America. You will find “beautifully restored houses, churches and museums overlook the city’s historic waterfront.” Walk along this street informally or opt for a formal guide from the Providence Preservation Society.

Best Weekend Getaways in New England – Here’s the blog post I mentioned on the show. It includes information about the Botanical Center including the moon gate and some of the other ideas I mentioned on the show.

Bonus Content for Why a Providence, Rhode Island Visit is Definitely Worth it!

If this isn’t enough to make your decision, I added some additional content with videos so you can catch a glimpse and judge for yourself.

Is it worth going to Providence?

I believe it is worth going to Providence, Rhode Island. If the podcast hasn’t convincer you, here is a Tiktok video highlighting some other spots that might not have been mentioned on the show. Catch a glimpse of the area and add these ideas to your Providence bucket list!

@everyday_bucket_list Like & follow! Here are 5 ideas to add to a Providence, RI bucket list! Find fun things to do & cool places to see w/ friends, as a couple or alone in this great Rhode Island city! Also, check out ep 35 of The Everyday Bucket List Podcast for even more info. I’ll leave a link in the comments. Do you want to visit? #providence #rhodeisland #bucketlist #providenceri #providencerhodeisland #bucketlistideas #edblpodcast #podcast #capcut #rhodeislandtiktok #providencetiktok ♬ sail away – lovelytheband

What is special about Providence?

what is special about Providence, RI is their restaurants. I highlighted a few that I visited that I highly recommend.

One is a plant-based vegan food hall and marketplace, that is the first of its kind in the world. You can dine in any of our four restaurants or three bars, all created by an internationally renowned chef. Also, check out their bakery, coffee bar, or even shop in their marketplace. Their community space is available for events, or you can book our private events.

@everyday_bucket_list Like & follow! If you’re in Providence, RI, make a #bucketlist of some of the best food places! This short list of cool Providence, Rhode Island restaurants won’t disappoint. Whether you’re vegan or a carnivore, you’ll surely like one of these for lunch. Some even offer breakfast and dinner. I’ll give more details in the comments too. #providencerhodeisland #providencerirestaurants #glutenfree #glutenfriendly #brunch #breakfast #plantcityprovidence ♬ My Own Hymn – Above & Beyond & Zoë Johnston

The other spot is a Puerto Rican inspired restaurant serving up delicious cuisine on Hope Street. Check out the video above to take a peek.

Is Providence a fun town?

Providence is a fun town. I recommend going in the warm weather months to experience all that it has to offer. Also, some parts are very hilly so it can be a little more challenging to walk around in the winter. You can always get a ride share though.

Here’s another video from the Federal Hill neighborhood. I don’t known if it’s still called “Little Italy”, but there are many Italian restaurants and shops you can visit as well as other types of restaurants.

Note, this video is the highlight reel. I will confess that when I tried to take a photo of a cool car, a homeless person screamed at me. Like any city, exercise caution and be aware of your surroundings.

@everyday_bucket_list Like & follow. Looking for things to do in Providence, RI? Take a peek at the Federal Hill “Little Italy” section of Providence Rhode Island. Many restaurants! Perfect for a quick day trip or weekend getaway. Add it to your New England bucket list. #bucketlist #italianfood #providenceri #newengland #rhodeisland #federalhillri #daytrip #weekendgetaways #federalhillpvd #GrandesDeclaracoesRenner ♬ All I Want Is You – Disco Lines

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