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How to Set a Savings Goal in Minutes Using Capital One 360

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goal setting

Are you cut corners and spending less on a regular basis,

but not putting away as much money as you would like?

You might be wondering why, but don’t get too flustered…

Your bank may be the culprit. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are tips to get more out of your bank to set savings goals.

Don’t miss out on how to truly set a goal you can monitor and hopefully reap the savings that you deserve.

How to Turn Your Capital One 360 Account into a Savings Hand Holder

Your savings account is where real savings goes. It’s not to be confused with savings you reaped from smart spending. So if you used a coupon or bought something at a discounted price, you spent less than the retail price. That has it’s benefits but it’s not the type of savings that literally puts money into your bank account unless you actively put the money you didn’t spend on the retail price into an account. So I’ll show you a tutorial to do that.

I confess. I can nerd out on the semantics. However, many people get excited about purchasing items at a deep discount. They might get more for their money but real savings comes from saving, not spending. According to BankRate.com, most people don’t have enough money in an emergency fund. If that’s you, use the tutorial below for that reason or any other important financial goal that should come first. Here are some tips to remedy the problem.

1. Go to CapitalOne360.com It looks like this on your phone. Click on “sign in” if you already have an account. Otherwise, sign up for one.



2. For those of you that who have an account, it will then ask for your username and password. Once you get through those two steps, scroll to the bottom and click on “full site”. This way you’ll have access to the goal setting feature.

If you’re on a laptop, you won’t have to do this. I wanted to show you that you could do this on your phone.


3. The screen will look like this. Go all the way to the right and click on “My Savings Goals”.


4. Then click on the “set a goal” tab (it’s dark blue below). You will then get this screen.

how to set a money goal


5. Choose the account where you want to put the money. The drop down menu will allow you to choose from the accounts you already set up. I chose “Disney” since I’ve covered my bases with the basics. Then choose what type of goal it is from the “goal type” drop down menu. Click “done” on the bottom right when you find the type that corresponds to your goal. You can also name the goal. I just matched it to the name of the account.



6. Once you fill out those three, click on the word “amount”.

how-to-set-a -savings-goal

7. Then type in as your “goal amount”. Then choose the date you will start saving as well as the end date. Once you are finished, push the blue “calculate” button.

If you don’t already know the total amount needed to reach your goal, research what it will cost to get a rough estimate. Check out free printables for budgeting. If you’re looking to travel there’s a resource towards the bottom for vacation and travel.

8. Be sure to save the goal by pushing the blue “save goal” button on the right. There will  be a drop down menu on the right once you do this. By choosing monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, etc., it will let you know how much you need to put away within that time frame. Once you have completed this, a mini bar graph will sit next to account on the summary page under my Accounts. It serves as a visual reminder to let you know how close you are to your goal.

If you are able to automate that amount of money needed to reach your goal on time, set up a recurring transfer when you get your paycheck. This way you can put the exact amount that you need to put away regularly in order to meet your goal finish line. If you wish you were able to do this but know you need to learn how to control your spending first, read this article by a financial planner and  Forbes Contributor first.

Do you have another way to set a savings goal? While it’s fresh on your mind, write about it in the comments now. Also, remember to share this post.





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