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Here's One of My Secret Tricks to Save Money with Online Shopping

You’re already getting some deals online, but you’re not getting as many as you like. You may think you’re missing out on bargains but don’t give up yet. Your email may be to BLAME. It’s so overstuffed that you don’t even find the offers you may have signed up for. No matter the reason. Here’s

Frugal Craft: Make a Simple Advent Calendar for a Dollar or Two

Materials: Red Paper (FREE-recycled from school) Special Shears Scissors Flower Embellisments ($1.00 at craft store) Clothespins ($1.00 at Dollar Store) Acrylic Paint Gluestick Glue Index Cards Twine Stamper Ink Pad 1. Type and print out large numbers on the red paper. Print out enough for an Advent Calendar. 2. Fold an index card in half