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New Haven Food & Attractions: Things to Do in New Haven, CT

New Haven food is where it’s at. If your stomach isn’t growling yet, wait until you read about some of the best food in New Haven, CT. Though my website highlights how to make a list of dreams for the future and everyday bucket list things to do now, I also like to offer my

Hobbies to Pick Up & How to Choose One

Hobbies to pick up in your spare time is super important. Deciding to pick up a hobby is simple. Knowing which one to choose is the hard part. Your friends may swear by their cool hobbies and try to convince you to do what they are doing. I’m sure they mean well, but their ideas

40 Things to Do at Home (or Close to Home) for Fun

If any of your plans are still on hold for any reason . . .
And you need things to do at home or close by for fun, I put together a list of suggestions to help you find something interesting to do.

A Guide to Self-Care Activities and Tips for Home 

You might have heard of self-care activities.

No eye rolls, please.

Or, maybe you like the whole concept in theory . . .

but you just sigh because you can’t figure out how to make time for one more thing given all of your current commitments.